Septic System Services


Design & Permitting Services

K-Bach offers a design and permitting service for septic systems. These services are performed by a Professional Engineer that is licensed in the State of Texas.  We will provide a detailed site evaluation which entails an analysis of site constraints and also a study of the soils.  Once the site analysis and design is completed we will aquire the permits required with the county and local jurisdictions.


K-Bach offers installation services for new residential projects and also older systems that need to be upgraded or replaced. We also have the knowledge and resources to install systems for Mobile Home Communities, RV parks, Commercial Properties, etc.


K-Bach offers professional inspections on septic systems. We provide inspections to trouble shoot problems that might be hindering the performance of your septic system. We also provide inspections for real estate transactions to help relay information to the buyer of the property on how the system is functioning and if any potential problems may exist.

Pumping Services

K-Bach offers pumping services for septic systems. It is recommended to pump most systems every 3-5 years to maintain the performance and functionality of the system.


K-Bach is always happy to help our customers with advice or help with any questions they may have about their existing or new septic system. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.